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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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you're watching r t we're hair around the clock good to have you with us today well to our top story now two israeli soldiers await sentencing after being convicted of using a palestinian child as a human shield in the gaza war israel reinforced a ban on involving civilians five years ago but at this point to sleep reports palestinians believe troops continue to risk innocent lives in war maneuvers. measured robber was just nine years old when soldiers grabbed him and made him check for bombs. i was just sitting here is really soldiers took me over there there were two bags and they told me to open them but i didn't know how to do it. he was terrified of the abandoned briefcases which the soldiers thought could be booby trapped and his fighting family forced to watch one of us of one of them put his hand on my son shoulder and made him go into the toilet cubicle i heard
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a few shots fired soon afterwards i felt like i was dying my little daughter he was with me kept saying they killed him. and yet it was five years ago that israel supreme court made the law crystal clear human shielding is an absolute absolute no no endangered civilians deliberately is absolutely prohibited but the reality on the ground is still very different you had to show his army years in the palestinian territories he knew the supreme court's ruling but watched his sergeant ignore it so did he and the soldiers serving under him so what we did is we just bumped into a house nearby house we grabbed one of the kids we took him with us put him in the front of the patrol you just walk your patrol in the village with your kid and then the interest out one hundred sixty complaints were filed about the way soldiers behaved in the gaza war two years ago but only forty seven criminal investigations
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were ever carried out most of them have since been closed i think that the ask a combat soldier and serve in the occupied territories or use palestinians as human shield is like to ask you to drink coffee in the morning but israeli lawyers say convicting the two soldiers is to the i.d.f. scribus there are always soldiers who step out of line but that's that's part and parcel unfortunately of bringing a military operation to say that as a general phenomenon as idea of soldiers you use human shields that's absurd. for much of the family they take comfort they finally getting justice even if it's only against ranking soldiers and not the commanders they accuse of allowing human shields behind the laws back policia r t jerusalem. iraq's prime minister says the latest wiki leaks revelations are a move to deal rael his chances of forming a government by linking him to death squads the latest wiki leaks files allege abuse by iraqi security forces some of which happened after making became prime
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minister in two thousand and six or his office dies he had death squads under his command and suspect the timing of the military leak is designed to weaken his fragile control he's yet to form a cabinet and it's now seven months since the election released expert james then from king's college in london says the iraqi premiers claims groundless. but i think that would be very doubtful to imagine the wiki leaks and the soldiers responsible for giving these documents to them have the undermining of the iraqi government in mind when they chose this date and let's bear in mind that there hasn't been an iraqi government for seven months so exactly as if there's many dates to choose from when it comes to releasing this in this sense but i think that the document certainly do point to a particular problem with the prime ministerial office in iraq it is an office that's been significantly empowered as part of the u.s. exit strategy with its individual sort of special forces units that have supposedly
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run internal prisons that these documents have now shown so maliki who is always that close to the finishing line it seems at the moment with relations with iran and syria sort of confirming his role as the next prime minister now seems that he has another hurdle to jump across this is u.s. military documents so really unlike any previous media story or anecdotal report from iraq this is words from their own mouth which makes it very difficult for them to deny it and they're not really doing that if you actually. to what the pentagon and state department spokesman is saying what they talk about is the critical nature of the nature of the leaks and whether u.s. soldiers or informers or people working with us will be put in danger by them they're talking about the method of the message rather than the message itself now the message itself paints a very different picture of the iraq the americans have been telling us about the last seven years and nowhere is that more true than the issue of body counts general tommy franks who led the invasion in two thousand and three said quite matter of factually we don't do body counts but americans have been doing body
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counts and those body counts now combined with the iraqi body count of ngo's and radiation sees show that some fifteen thousand iraqi deaths have not been accounted for so the history of iraq is being written by these documents which are as i say from the americans miles themselves released expert james denselow from king's college in london there on the iraq premiers claims over the weekend expressions. were coming out shortly a war for three dollars instead of bullets u.s. bank notes stay afloat one that is reaching your cost of living. and we hear why environmental apathy is pushing the russians to the brink of ecological disaster. internet access is no longer a luxury it's rapidly becoming a vital tool for its nearly two billion users who is calling for global body to govern the web and protect us from cyber crime rather than responsibility being
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dominated by the united states and its habits reports. the world wide web all knowing all conquering it crosses borders and breaks down barriers but can something that we've allowed to become so vast ever be properly managed currently it's the united states that's tom asked with attempting to regulate the web but the united nations international telecommunications union or i.t.v. you think they could do a better job at this conference earlier this month in mexico its members announce that proper management of the internet requires global corporation russia's representative agreements. we have a very good dialogue with america but we believe the threats now facing the web a true big necessitates an international response and he wants countries a united states of li tackle terrorist extremist and child pornography networks but the complex debate playing out on the other side of the atlantic probably won't be
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playing on the mind of your average web user by these game is enjoying a saturday night in the russian capital internet cafes all club this one calls itself a springing up all over the city at an increasingly alarming rate and that's because they're feeding a growing demand him off the likes of all ages and backgrounds to get together so surely this is just surf the web or is this close to doing compete against each other playing very latest interactive computer games and that's largely thanks to russia's burgeoning telecommunications industry bringing high speed wireless networks to the masses with russia's new wave of scarily technologically savvy tweezers a blog is paving the way youngsters like these now this may look like an internet cafe complete with state of the art matlab tops but this is actually school russia style for thirteen year old alexander and his classmates keypad
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a mouse in our house much of panels of learning is the textbook and pen. it's more interesting with computers even if you have to do boring research or crown facts without it you're only told things but with a computer you're shown things for these students and teachers i see features in almost every subject lesson and every aspect of the school's functioning skype and online messaging have replaced the notice board overheads hanoi and schoolwork all counts but it headmaster insists that all this is used alongside more traditional means of educating he also believes his school is not a rarity in russia but i think it's part of a growing trend but what's important is to use this technology properly to hold the learning process i think computers in schools will become more widespread but it's crucial to understand that no computer could have a substitute teacher. as the question of who should regulate our use of the
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internet rumbles on its reach in our dependence on it continues to grow saturday nights in moscow may never be the same again alice a bit arty ask well we'll have more on russia's plans on getting more global governance for the internet when we hear from the country's communications minister about twenty minutes time. now fears that countries could use their currencies as a weapon to drive themselves out of recession i've been allayed finance ministers from the world's twenty biggest economies have agreed they weren't devalued to drive out their competitive edge their spent the past few days in south korea tackling global financial imbalances agreements giving me a national monetary fund a bigger role in supervising exchange rates growing economic tensions between china and the us also came up beijing accused of holding its currency down by the us was criticised for having a loose monetary policy on balance the south korean meeting is considered a temporary truce is enormous to reports that some suspect the u.s.
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of winding up its economic autonomy. the united states has waged well known wars in afghanistan. and in iraq. but some argue it's also waging a lesser known battle with the united states leading financial world war two foreign reserves. especially to make other economies pay tribute to a war being fought not with force but with credit in this war us dollars are the bullets and they are cheap ammunition because the us federal reserve has been printing and pumping billions upon billions of them into the economy federal reserve out of balance sheet of about eight hundred fifty billion dollars and have shot up to two point one trillion dollars more than one point five trillion dollars spent buying bonds and home mortgages from banks in the last two years to try to prop up the
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u.s. economy this policy called quantitative easing is supposed to stimulate the economy lowering interest rates and enabling banks to lend more but it hasn't exactly helped the average american but the united states sets interest rates very well i've tried to open up large routes to landing the. american corporations in america investors take money borrow money and then they go over the world and buy things the money leaves the u.s. because low interest rates mean investors aren't getting much return on assets at home so why does this matter for you why should you care well let's talk about the things speculators are investors like to buy things like soft commodities wheat sugar soybeans those affect your food prices i'll take these so investors who are lots of money and a soft commodities i mean global food prices your food prices go up like happened in two thousand and seven in two thousand and eight. like or you'll put it they all put their money into oil the price of energy for most of the world that consumes it
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goes up too. and when you see us are acting like an a.t.m. for the world pumping cash into the economy trillions of dollars this is the scenario you're helping to create. and pushing down the value of the u.s. dollar of the international reserve currency while pushing up the value of other currencies and we're hearing an outcry from the developing countries because those are the hottest markets for foreign investment now but countries affected by the flood of u.s. dollars are now taking steps to protect their own currencies and their exports from getting more expensive we believe it's very important yet u.s. policymakers are rattling their sabers at the i.m.f. and g twenty meetings they're calling for countries to let their currencies rise but with no mention of the declining dollar there is no doubt. very much in terms of power and. they want to keep that as the u.s.
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appears poised to fire off a new round of quantitative easing the rest of the world is fighting back and sort of having this multipolar world led by the i.m.f. and the world trade organization with a very heavy influence for the u.s. government and the united states treasury. we're seeing lots of governments going around the world cutting two party deals cutting deals to trade not in the reserve currency but in local currencies fighting back against the u.s. is financial world war that in the end may prove a losing battle lauren mr r t new york you can then head for our website to see more of the world's biggest stories some other news and analysis you can check out but i website called you normally flooring it cosmodrome told saddam for a day as baikonur mourns more than seventy victims of abuse or explosion. and conflict stones comeback for a comedy that made its people worldwide. director build his revenge against
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bora. let's take a look now at some other news making headlines around the world. obama has struck morning prayers in eastern pakistan killing at least six and over a dozen more explosive was planted on motorcycles worshipers were leaving renowned sufi shrines it's believed they targeted because they are more mystical approach to issues with militant small hardline these. haiti's cholera outbreak could be stabilising as cases of the outbreak to the disease has already claimed more than two hundred fifty lives three thousand others are infected across the country health workers are fighting to keep color from reaching the camps where a million people have living since the earthquake. france's fuel shortages could get worse as oil workers continue to protest against the
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government's decision to raise the retirement age of the country police broke through the blockade of one of the country's key refineries are the few supplies that made it out transport minister says petrol stations are still over the holidays for the unions are planning another week. walkouts. and somali pirates have seized a german share off the coast of kenya it's not yet clear how many people on board the boat in the fortune but at least two are known to be german citizens it comes a day after singapore gas tank seventeen crew was hijacked in the same european union labor force says pirates are now holding nineteen vessels and four hundred twenty eight hostages. knows it lags behind many other capitals when it comes to taking out the trash but a lack of recycling infrastructure is forcing environmental protection up the
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priority list especially since for many westerns the problem is now staring them in the face and they were pissed off expense. when bought a flat in a new important walk around outside moscow he knew the hill next to the house was an old we secured covered with soil when he began seem fresh piles of rubbish appearing and disposal trucks coming in doing it mate that he became suspicious and then a few years like you were all shocked officially the west yard is closed but i can assure you it isn't our apartment buildings are just around twenty meters away it's a direct well ation of the law if i get to go through i could get rid of my jewish right out of the window under the law dumps can not be coarser than five hundred meters from a residential area but unfortunately this and many other rules on the disposal are often trashed late here in the town of not much further away from the capital this is quite a typical picture of this area is used for garages but since some of them were
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built illegally they had to be dismantled but instead in their places these piles of rubbish have grown all around the area deeper into the area the picture becomes even worse and another called the east york or is it the area is disputed between the town in a local. st and i don't want to take responsibility for the mess environmental inspectors say they're hopeless even finding the officials didn't help since the biggest penalty is only around two hundred dollars each environmental consciousness is very low people just don't care for many it's much easier to come and just down there trash it here and bureaucracy is making it even worse there's simply no one to clean this up but specialists say there's still a way to fix things. we have to get people interested and the best way to do it is by giving them money each bottle has to have a good return price who is ever going to throw out an empty bottle if they could
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get at least one third of their money back for it perhaps a law increasing the return price for different packages me improve the situation at least partially but that me lead to new rule building the needed infrastructure to either recycle or resell used bottles moscow alone produces at least five and a half million tons of waste very year and less than fifteen percent is recycle a picture hard to believe in many western countries where from a young age people are taught how to recycle you what is going off already moscow. later we go even further underground as we explore much more subterranean world. there is not enough space for them on the ground. under the sun. discover deeply hidden secrets.
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are secret. and even. talking to go. underground. or about the hidden life on the ground in just over an hour here in r.t. the next latest business update with korea. and i welcome to business good to have you with us and we start with an exclusive to business r.t. russia's giant land of nashik a non-bank warns it's not ready to take part of the government's vast privatization program top officials on bail the sell off of nine hundred state firms on wednesday and presidential aide did not call which has said the e.b.e. could be one of the first to become a joint stock company by deputy chairman says it's too early china
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development bank is on the verge to be through ties but ins a capacity of wholly owned by the state this is a period of more than two decades to be period times so i don't know sings if it is a gender for all biological. function the only. president all the other three years. and russo has rejected a nine billion dollars bid from mentor also owner of legit for its twenty five percent stake in north the world's largest of the medium company on friday claimed that the offer was derisive. and that their stake in the nick co-produced it was not for sale at a price the news comes after north. to thursday i guess an effort to oust the current board of directors who saw him to also both own twenty five percent majority stakes had been locked in battle over control of for several months now.
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let's look at the markets now asian stocks are mixed this hour japan's nikkei is down point three percent despite japanese exports increasing more than expected thanks angus point six percent higher and all climbs above eighty dollars a barrel as the u.s. dollar drops to twenty leaders pledged to avoid currency war. now let's cross over to europe where markets opened higher on monday following that g twenty meeting u.k.'s footsie is up a point seven percent lifted mostly by shares of mining companies pearson is up growth is up point four percent. on the back of a trading update and germany's dax up point six percent with shares of folks walk it up three percent in the wake of an early release of part of its results on friday. and watch the stock market start of the trading week in the black as well the markets is trading over a percent higher in monday's morning session with all the blue chips in positive
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territory banking stocks and energy majors are lifting the indices where a bag is trading nearly two percent. russian internet company mail dot ru has set the price range for its initial public offering in london twenty three point seven twenty seven point seven dollars per share this would value the company which owns instant messenger q. and a stake in facebook at around five billion dollars the mail route group previously announced it hoped to raise about one million by. by placing up to twenty percent of the chairs by the end of the year. aviation is ushering it to a new era of eco friendly tical argy first tests of bio fuel for planes have already proved a success global manufacturers such as boeing and airbus say green planes also make economic good sense but i hope reports. cleaner sky higher profits global every nation giants are investing in eco friendly planes they
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say the best technology will not only help save the planet but also money we're just moving inventing implementing integrity new technologies on board off the top . and the price of the aircraft remains quite stable if you take into account by strict also such inflation and so on so the fact that the aircraft. and average friendly that means more fuel efficient because fuel means c o two and the mental damage to some extent. improve profitability for the airlines with more people flying every day the market in russian c.i.s. is growing and demand for new aircraft is high u.s. manufacturer boeing is expecting to do booming business with plans to supply around a thousand new planes over the next twenty years worth ninety billion dollars that certainly aren't so new airplanes to service airplanes that are already here. to
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meet the russian market requirements work closely with authorities in your lives concerned so we have good prospects for market growth here we expect the markets will continue to grow a new generation of jets will help russia update its obsolete fleet but little of that technology is being developed here famous for its to pull over and dilution planes in the past groceries legging well behind the global leaders in aircraft construction analysts say it will take a long time and large investments to catch up and believe at least for now russia will have to put up with the role of consumer rather than producer. but the liquor business r.t. . and russia's fourth largest steelmaker m.l.k. has launched a new medal of processing joint venture in turkey our correspondent in a coach and i spoke to the chairman and president of. russia nick of about the rationale behind the company's latest city. mirabile it in his or her body have car
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company has been operating here for the past ten years there's a great demand for hot rolled metal that we used to supply not less than a million tons of it while a deficit between the supply and demand in two thousand and six two thousand and seven amounted to four five million i've reached an agreement with a port that will allow us to export our product to europe and the middle east if we are unable to sell our old metals here basically we wanted to exported to turkey but the crisis has changed our plans we may exported to the balkans italy tunisia the arab countries and the persian gulf were huge construction projects are under way and where is included polymers are needed in syria and iran are also very close . and then get also an iron ore felt and during the financial downturn the development of the self was postponed so what are your plans now so. i think we have an investment program this year we've all been the scam mind we are
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now enriching or there so we have an opportunity to increase iron ore production to fifty percent plus we've bought the bike all mine and are extracting some more from there today we need thirty percent of the overall demand and raw materials and in the next three or four years we are planning to meet the internal demand for iron ore by fifty percent so. when do you think you can return to pre-crisis annual production levels for them for the way they were going up i thought we are planning to produce ten million tons of rolled metal this year we're going to increase the output by some twenty percent by twenty eleven and by another twenty percent the year after our aim is to restore the pre-crisis output in two thousand and seven we work to full capacity and produce twelve million tonnes a year this task can be solved. that's the update for this hour headline news is next hour doco away.
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there they are walking out in the headlights. two israeli soldiers face up to three years behind bars before so a palestinian boy said who traps your guns and was part of years ago israel reinforced of using civilians as shields augustinian states constantly reach. iraq's prime minister is hitting out at wiki leaks saying it's trying to sabotage his struggle to form a new government online was published crossing guard reports linking him to death squads tortured and killed or rockets. and russia says the world wide web should not be governed by the u.s. i won't abide global body instead initiative is designed to help protect two billion internet users from song across. next to russia's communication.


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